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Where are the Scorpions in the Winter?

As the summer comes to a close many people know that they are going to start seeing less scorpions. The question is where are they? Or where are they going? Well I’m afraid the answer to that question is no more comforting than actually seeing them. When the temperature starts to drop below 85 degrees scorpions begin to look for a place to hibernate for the winter. And unfortunately that usually ends up being in our walls. Now at this point most people go with the old saying “out of sight out of mind” and while that may save you a few dollars during the winter it could mean big problems for the next summer. The problem we have is that in the desert we don’t have weather cold enough to freeze and kill any Scorpions so when the temperature starts to warm up again our little venomous friends comeback with just as many as the year before. That’s not too bad because hey we lived with them once before so I’m sure we can manage another summer with them again. But now it’s spring and like most of the other creepy crawlies its breeding season again so now you have double the problems from the year before crawling around in your walls. A scorpion can live up to 6 years and in some cases up to 25 years. Each time they give birth they can have anywhere from 25-35 babies. So you can see where you may end up if you go untreated. Some people will continue to see scorpions through the winter months. In this case they tend to have a more severe problem than most. So is there a solution? Yes there is, I would suggest that you start a service if you don’t already have one regardless of the time of year and if it happens to be winter you may even get better results because they are going to be more concentrated in one area so that when your exterminator treats your home he gets a better kill. By the time summer comes around and it warms back up you will have fewer problems and in most cases a good company will have the problem solved.

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