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Top Tips on How to Handle Scorpion Stings

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t instantly die if you get stung by a scorpion. However, you can surely expect that it’s going to hurt—a lot. If you’re already suffering from a respiratory or any long-term illness, you may find yourself in a more dangerous situation. This is the time when the sting is most likely going to kill you.

It’s a good thing therefore that there are many ways on how to treat scorpion stings. Let’s begin with the following:

Don’t panic. It’s normal for you to really go panicky when you are stung by a scorpion stings. You simply need to make use of a soap and water. Allow the water to run through your wound while you rub it with soap. Make this a habit too until your wound starts to heal.

Don’t do anything with the scorpion. Don’t touch it even it appears to be already harmless or dead. There’s a good chance it still has some life left and has the power to sting some more.

Don’t slash your wound. One of the most traditional methods of treatment includes slashing the wound and allowing the blood to flow, in the hopes you can get rid of the venom. You actually cannot. Worse, you’re making yourself more susceptible to wound infection. Just allow the blood to go out of the wound, clean it, and if you experience symptoms, see a doctor.

Proceed to a hospital. If you really don’t feel comfortable treating the scorpion sting all by yourself, then bring yourself to the hospital. It’s not ideal to proceed to a nearby clinic, since majority of the doctors there don’t have enough capacity or equipment to treat you for the sting. In hospitals, you have dozens of specialists who can help you properly and immediately.

Don’t suck the venom. Don’t convince others to do it for you too. Venom can move from you to the other person, and it may cause the development of ulcers in the mouth. It may also place their lives in danger.

Use cold compress. Cold compression can reduce the swelling and pain caused by the scorpion sting. It may also slow down the circulation of venom.

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