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Straightening Out the Different Scorpion Myths

Scorpions are often feared—and killed. The fear is further fed by the different myths that date back to hundreds of years ago. It’s time to end dispel the rumors and go straight to facts.

Scorpions are fatal. This is not completely true. For one, scorpions themselves don’t cause harm. It’s their venom that brings about several signs and symptoms, including elevated heart rate, swelling, and allergies. Second, not all scorpions have venoms. In fact, out of all the thousands of scorpion species in the world, only 25 of them have venoms that can be fatal to humans.

It’s also possible for humans to be stung by a scorpion and never know about it. The person may have a very strong immune system that prevents the body from experiencing very noticeable signs and symptoms.

In the United States, the most dangerous is the bark scorpion, which is often found in the southwest as well as in Arizona. Know, though, that death by scorpion stings has been uncommon for the past decades. This can be attributed to improved medical services and presence of Phoenix scorpion control and Las Vegas scorpion control exterminators in the country.

They love to live in homes. Not really. The basic habitat of scorpions is the wild. You’ll find a lot of them in the forests, higher-altitude tundra, and deserts, to name a few. However, there are times when they get inside your home in search of a good place to rest.

They are out to harm humans. There are hundreds of humans who are taking care of scorpions. This only proves that they didn’t exist in order to battle humans. Just like all the animals in the world, they are simply here to survive. They go out in order to hunt, using their venom to paralyze their prey. You may ask then, “Then why do they sting humans?” The answer is simple. It’s very similar to when a stranger intrudes your home. You immediately go into a defensive mode. Though some scorpions are aggressive, majority of them react and “attack” because they feel threatened by your presence or action. You may have accidentally stepped on them or sat on their home. Scorpions, in general, are very shy and reclusive.

They can breathe under the water. When you go out for a swim, you don’t have to be scared about stepping on scorpions. They don’t and cannot live under water. But it’s true that scorpions can hold their breaths for some time. They can also liver underneath burrows and caves for months, even without eating.

You cannot kill them with pest control products. If you’re living around 20 years ago, there’s a high chance that this would be true. With innovation and technology, among other things, this doesn’t hold true anymore today. Las Vegas scorpion control and Phoenix scorpion control companies, for example, already make use of the state-of-the-art and truly effective pest control products.

You instantly die when stung by scorpions. This all depends on your resistance. As we’ve mentioned, not all scorpions have venoms, and only very few die because of their stings. You are more susceptible if you are already suffering from a long-term illness, or you exhibit allergic reactions to their venom. If this happens, you can immediately bring yourself to a health care facility, preferably a hospital.

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