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How do Scorpions get in? How did it get up stairs?

As a Scorpion specialist one of the most common questions that I am asked is How are the scorpions getting into my home in the first place? Or I found a Scorpion in my kids room up stairs how did it get there? Well even though it might not be pleasant to think about the facts are, Scorpions get into our home through openings that are only 1/16th of an inch. Once inside the walls of the house they use the electrical wiring to move through out the voids of the walls, kind of like there own little high way. Because the wiring runs throughout the entire home they can follow it into any room of the home and find any crack the size of a credit card to get out. Most common places are around the outlet covers, vents in the ceiling, where the pipes come out of the wall under the sink or even in the shower or bathtub, and in some cases they will come out by ceiling lights.

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