Which Scorpion species do you have?

Bark Scorpion:

The Bark Scorpion is one of the most deadly species in the world. It can administer fatal stings if you experience an allergic reaction or are a child. The Bark Scorpion is mostly found in Arizona and the south west United States.

The Striped Tailed Scorpion:

The Striped Tailed Scorpion is less dangerous than the Bark Scorpion. Their stings are rarley fatal.The Striped Tailed Scorpion is found mainly in the sounth western United States, from Texas to California.

The Giant Hairy Scorpion:

The Giant hairy Scorpion is very rare to and normally found in more wilderness settings. It is mainly found in the sounth western United States, from Utah to New Mexico.

Centruroides hentzi:

The Centruroides hentzi Scorpion is found mostly in on the South East coast of the United States It does not have a common name to my knowlledge.While it is not cosidered deadly it does administer a very painful sting.


Solifugae is an order of Arachnida, known as camel spiders, wind scorpions or sun spiders. While they are not venomous they do have a very painful bite. Solifuage have also been used as a way for soldiers to pass the time by staging fights between Solifugae and scorpions during world WWl, WWll, Gulf War, and personally during Operation Iraqi Freedom.