Las Vegas/Henderson

Las Vegas is a great place to live with all of its family friendly attractions by day and its amazing entertainment by night. However casinos and Shows aren’t the only thing that some Las Vegas residences are searching for at night. Las Vegas like other desert cites are also home to Scorpions and in some unfortunate neighborhoods lots of them.


Phoenix Arizona has long been known for its beautiful deserts and world class golf resorts but I bet if you have ever lived there or are thinking about the move you also know that the desert is also home to scorpions. It’s one of the few places that realtors are required to disclose the presences of scorpions before selling or renting a home and for good reason.“Bark Scorpions”

Austin/San Antonio

Texas has many attractions like the river walk or the Alamo but in some areas of Austin and San Antonio there are things much less attractive to those who live here. Scorpions infest many of the residence of these great cities but fortunately
none of the scorpion species found here are of much concern. The most common scorpion found in Texas is the Striped Bark Scorpion it is not considered to be deadly although it still causes quite a painful sting.